Christmas Gift Guide for Her

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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Gift Guide For Her this season? Or maybe you have a work holiday party of mainly women? Whatever the reason, I have compiled some excellent gifts for the “her” in your life, and best of all they are under $75!

15 Christmas Gifts for Women 

This compiled list takes out the guesswork on what to get, or where to find it. I’ve pulled from a few different sites and they can all be shipped to your front door!

If you have any questions about the products listed or want any other suggestions on what to get her for Christmas- just leave a comment below and I am more than happy to help.

My husband bought me my first HydroFlask for my birthday, and I have used it every day since. This is the only water bottle I have found that keeps my ice all day long and even overnight if I put it by my bedside.

It also comes with a straw, which if you’re like me you drink more water from a straw than you do anything else (I HATE not having a straw. Check out my favorite silicone straws I use while out at restaurants here).


This rose gold watch is beautiful and affordable at any price range. You can pair it with most outfits, for a dressed up look on a night out or for a casual outfit for the weekend.

Perfect for those cold winter mornings when you need that extra boost of something warm. Personally, I am a hot chocolate lover (especially peppermint!), but whatever you drink you can keep it warm in this adorable mug.

I will admit, this isn’t the funnest present, but it is definitely important! I have this key chain for myself, my mom, and my mother in law. It sounds a VERY loud alarm, and should scare away anyone trying to harm you and bring attention to the situation. Keep it on you always, as you’ll never know when you need it.

Perfect for a relaxing at home spa day, this kit includes a bath bomb, tumbler, face mask, two bars of soap, and body butter. Personally, I love the scent it helps me to relax (and with two kids under 3 I NEED to relax, lol!).

I absolutely  LOVE fuzzy socks. I live in a place where all winter long it is a very “wet” cold, meaning there is tons of moisture in the air and the temperature chills you to the bone. Pretty much all winter you will find me wearing fuzzy socks. 

This pastel set is perfect for any woman, or you can choose from a variety of other colors as well!

This book is a great read because it not only shows you how others love, but shows how you love and can help you learn a lot about yourself.

For the woman in your life who loves to have plants, but can’t seem to keep others alive. Succulents are the perfect Christmas gift for her, as these are extremely low maintenance and easy to keep track of.

There you have it! My top 15  Christmas gifts for her this season. I know many of these will be on my personal list this year for sure. Comment below and tell me what’s on your list from Santa this year!

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

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