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How to Start A Blog in 2020

How to Start A Blog in 2020

Do you think it’s too late in the year to start something new? Well I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to start a blog, and you CAN compete with bloggers that have been around for years! Here is how to start a blog in 2020.

Blogging is extremely personal, and personally since I blog about all things mom it is very close to my heart. This is a topic that is never going away and will always be relevant!

In this guide I will show you how to get your blog set up in no more than 9 minutes. From there, it is a large learning curve, but I’m confident you can do it!

Before we can get to what you’re going to blog about we have to get your blog set up with Bluehost.

How to Start A Blog (Hosting & Setup)

To get you blog set up you will need two things:


1. Blog Hosting

Hosting is where your blog is managed and stored on the internet. For this, you will need a third-party service. My recommendation is Bluehost. You can start your WordPress blog with Bluehost for $3.95/month

This includes your hosting and your WordPress blog, it’s very easy and user friendly to set up! Even if your’re not a “techie” you can get it set up easily!

2. Pick Your Domain

Next, you’ll want to pick your domain. This is the name of your website a.k.a your URL. To allow people to find you on the internet you’ll need a blog name. With Bluehost, you get to pick your domain name when you set up your hosting!

After you choose your plan, you’ll be directed to “Register a Domain” this is where you get to pick your name!

Once you have your domain name you’ll set up your account with Bluehost and enter your payment information. After that is completed you’ll be able to log into your blog!



Picking Your Theme

Now that you have your blog set up, it’s time to pick a theme. This makes the overall design and structure of your site. Depending on the theme that you choose you can customize almost anything you want.

If you’re not good at or don’t know how to write code, this makes things a lot easier to customize!

There are thousands of themes that you can choose from, but I would recommend purchasing one from Bluchic. If you’re not able to afford purchasing one, then I would recommend Twenty Twenty. It’s very feminine and user friendly!

Choose a Niche

There are thousands of different topics that you can blog about. Pick something that you can relate to and have a real passion for! For example, I blog about motherhood, virtual assisting, and money. 

You want something that you can consistently write about and not get burnt out. If you’re wanting to make money from your blog (I assume you do!) then this is key to putting in the work to create excellent content! Creating a simple blog planner can help with identifying your goals and help you to achieve those results.

You can download my FREE 12-month blog calendar here!

Create Amazing Conent

You’re all set! You learned how to start a blog! Now that you have your blog set up with your hosting, chose a domain, picked your theme and found your niche you are ready to create content!

The key to starting a great blog is to have consistent quality material for your readers. Don’t stress yourself out with over-posting. Commit to how often you’re going to post and focus on creating high-quality, meaningful content for your readers.


Here are some extra tips to help drive your blog forward:

Create a social media presence

Once you have your domain picked, look for available social media profiles with the same name. You want to keep your brand consistent across the different platforms that you join.

Design a logo

Having a logo is very important to help make your blog visible. It’s very easy to create a logo using Canva.

Canva is very user friendly, and there is either the basic option or you can upgrade to Canva Pro for a monthly fee. If you are wanting to monetize your blog, I would suggest Canva Pro, however the basic version will work when you are just starting out, you can always upgrade later.

Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress has plugins for almost everything. However, if you have too many it can actually slow your site’s speed down.

I would recommend Yoast SEO, Elementor, Jetpack, and Social Share button. You can always read through other plugins and decide if they are right for you!

Finally, Set Blogging Goals!

You want to see attainable goals. Start with daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Where do you want your blog to go long term? How do you want to monetize it?

Keep these things in mind when writing out your goals. And remember, keep working everyday towards them!

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control, just keep pushing and working towards your goals. 


Thanks for following along! Comment below and let me know how your blogging journey is going! 

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